Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Victoria Beckham Fashion Best-kept Styling Secret: "Look skinny, Go baggy & Stay posh"

If you are tiny like AMS and Victoria Beckham, ultra baggy clothes can make you look larger and fabulous. But to adopt VB’s look, it’s not merely a question of throwing an oversized jumper on top of baggy jogging bottoms. You need the right proportions, colours and fabrics.

This cape's broad A-line silhouette is paired with a figure-hugging trench coat.
The full skirt and shoe-boots make her neck and legs look doll-like
Teaming these pale blue Chloé trousers with a pair of high
platforms makes petite Victoria's legs look like they go on and on

A Victoria Beckham dress. The stiff material won't reveal any
 lumps and emphasises those thin pins

A simple jumper from her own collection is paired with a large
panelled skirt that reveals her legs right up to the thigh

A doubly-flattering effect: The loose trouser bottoms make her
 thighs look tiny and the nipped-in waist is very slimming

A funnel-necked cape by Giambattista Valli gives a glimpse of her
 legs and slender arms which are dwarfed by the large pockets and collar

Most people would look like a blancmange in wide trousers and a flowing
 jacket, but Victoria gets it right here by keeping her arms bare

Belted confidently at the hips, this Balenciaga dress billows
out at the waist, making her stomach look tiny

The single colour instantly streamlines her figure. The sharp
angles of the coat make her look equally angular - and slim

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