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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Runaway Bride -This film gives a tiny glimpse of how much God does love you and I …. please read on...

From my own perspective, I think romantic movies give us a slight glimpse of how God truly love us. We're moved by romantic stories because we long for someone to love us like we see on screen, right? We badly want or wanted to find comforting and exciting love like these movie characters find. Those desires for love come from God. Sure, he created us to want romance with each other, but he also gave us a hunger for love because he knew it'd draw us to the ultimate source of love: God

In Runaway Bride, Julia Robert who is Maggie Carpenter doesn't know what kind of eggs she likes. Maggie's favourite type of eggs keeps changing to whatever kind of eggs her boyfriend in the movie likes (funny). She's so indecisive and inconsistent, it's no surprise she changes her mind about her love life, too. She gets close to a guy and then breaks their heart—not just from one wedding but four (Serialheartbreaker).

Maggie runs from love because she is scared of commitment. She pushes away the men who love and care about her. And so, whether on a motorbike, a horse, or on foot, this almost-bride flees from her marriage ceremonies.

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Maggie isn't alone. People often find various reasons to run from relationships—and not just romantic ones. I've sometimes lost focus in my relationship with God and run from his love. God character is just like Richard Gere who eventually wins Maggie's heart; God doesn't just let me run. He pursues me with his love.

When Runaway Bride's Maggie realises she can't live without the only man she has ever loved, she decides to commit. She goes to her love's apartment and hands him a box. "I'm turning in my running shoes to you," she says.

We are like Maggie sometimes, long to be truly loved. Our hearts are moved by stories of self-sacrifice, genuine intimacy, forgiveness and passion. We want love, but God also uses those desires for true unconditional love to call us closer to Him. All we have to do is to stop running and accept God's everlasting and unbeatable love.

God loves you more than you know!

Have a lovely Sunday!

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