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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Video: Serial Heartbreaker - Nigerian man in Australia scammed 10 women by dating them at once.....

It is very disgraceful for a man to be this cruel. Please try and watch this video and see that lie than men tell follow them o…..

Story-They (10 women) thought they'd found true love... But, their new bloke had a very big secret... He was dating ten women and had kids with four of them. The heartbroken mums get their sweet revenge. (Things fall apart for Victor)

I am a Nigerian and I'm ashamed for this guy. This scam of a thing isn't funny anymore. It’s either Nigerians are known for 419, killers, kidnappers, love rats, liars Boko haram, ritualists or something negative on YouTube.

Ladies please be careful is better to be single and happy than being in a relationship and be scammed.  

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