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Saturday, 31 May 2014

This is a little uncomfortable from my humanitarian point of view!!! Billionaire Clones Himself 12 times

Wonder shall never end! This news is awesome, weird and controversial......I am sure we all know a lot of weird people exist on this planet earth; they just want to play God with their money and science knowledge. For some time, scientists have been able to craft precise genetic copies of many creatures. Whether they are animals, or single cells, they are similarly referred to as clones. For various technical and perceived ethical reasons, the procedures involved have been difficult to replicate for humans.
However, there have been rumours floating around the internet that Russian Billionaire Vane Metcavalski has been living a quiet life for the past year, in South Korea because of their laws regarding cloning.
 It wasn’t until yesterday 30th of MAY 2014 that 89.7 found out why ... Vane made his fortune in the Russian Diamond industry, his company produces 4 Billion dollars’ worth of industrial grade diamonds. Which are used by 74% of mineral extraction companies around the globe.
The news was released yesterday that between the 24th and 30th of May, all 12 of Billionaires clone children were born naturally, without any complications. Vane wanted to keep the whole thing out of the media for as long as possible, but a staff member from the facility leaked the photo (above) to the associated press and it’s gone viral!

Vane wanted to maintain his family heritage and he used 12 of his blood related cousins to bare his children. This has got quite a strong reaction from various religious and ethical lobby groups. The husband of 1 of Vane's cousins released this picture of all 12 cousins posing for a family picture just 3 weeks before the birth.
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