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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Video: Joseph Prince - Double Honor For Your Shame

Lift up your head and walk tall today because Jesus has borne all your shame! In this heart-warming message by Joseph Prince, see why you no longer need to live a life of shame, reproach, and dishonour for your failures, all because Jesus was spat in the face, mocked, and beaten for you.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Joseph Prince - Noah—The Real Story

Hear this message and live with a true sense of security and hope in this end times

Count it all joy when you are mistreated or injured by God’s people

The one that forgive little love little and the one that forgive much love more. Mathew 5 verse 44 - But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

It’s sad but all-too-prevalent fact of life that while Christian churches have some of the truest, nurturing, and loving people in the world, they also can have some of the most hypocritical, hurtful, closed-minded people as well. And sometimes when you get hurt by Christians, it hurts much more than when you’re hurt by non-Christians, just because you would think that someone who has been born again and strives to be a reflection of Christ should know better.

But what we seem to forget is that churches are made of humans, humans are imperfect, and when imperfect humans get together the results can be disturbing. Among my own friends, I can count many who have had a heart to serve God, but who ultimately were disappointed by people who were supposed to love them but ended up doing just the opposite.

"Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. This bible sentence actually reminds me of the story of Hagar in the bible; she was a woman who was taken away from her home to be a slave in Egypt and then sent to be a slave of Abraham. And in that role, she experienced horrific treatment from both Sarah and Abraham; people who still today are considered among the most faithful and Godly people who ever walked the planet.

When we put ourselves in Hagar’s shoes, it’s a serious wakeup call, as when we’re mistreated by God’s people we often go through the same emotions she must have gone through.  Emotions like feeling of shock, self-pity, isolation, shame, resentment, confusion, injustice, sadness (to the point of wanting to give up on life). But as Hagar experienced, we can also feel the loving hand of God as well because in my opinion God knows all about it……

If you’ve been mistreated, estranged, not accepted from your church or a group of believers, remember that you’re not alone, maybe is just a reminder for you to examine yourself and to be reminded that God cares for the broken-hearted.

No matter how hurt you are God loves you! Stay focus and count it all joy! J

Saturday, 14 June 2014

AMS Love Story: What Love is Not: The Story of Mrs Crown-Cold King and I

  Mrs. King, a beautiful woman, from Nigeria, got married at the age of 15 due to death of her mother. She stayed in her marriage for 12 years, after years of insults, abused, beating, false accusations, lies, delusions, broken mirrors, and nightly battles... she left her husband.

  According to Mrs Cold King - "Making the decision to end my marriage was one of the hardest and easiest things I have ever done, the hard part was finding the courage, the belief was deep and deep from within me that I was capable of doing something so devastating as I was about to do. We have 4 children, at the time in question the eldest was 12 and the youngest just 6 years of age. How would I manage, what about the financial aspect, I have no education because I was a full time housewife taking care of my children and my siblings.
  I had grown up with this man who was 7 years my senior, I later found out our whole marriage was based on a foundation of lies and deceit; it is no surprise that it ended. My husband had taken everything from me to the point that I truly believed I could not function without him, he called it live, I know and I called it control, physically and emotionally he had total control over me. Yet I found the strength, to end the years of abuse one cold but bright Saturday morning on the 6th of February1993 with the help of my uncle and my siblings.

  My husband nearly killed me with beating; it was like a spell was cast on him from his village…. He wanted to get rich by force, you know, like his fellow Igbo men by bringing all sort of voodoo and black charms into our house and I feared for my children, especially my only son.

   If the truth must be told, Yes, I have to say that I had gone from a heartbroken childhood right into the arms of my abusive husband. You know, bruises, wound, cuts do get heal but what he did was far crueller, and he broke me down emotionally and mentally, by sleeping with Bukky’s mum and got our neighbour’s daughter pregnant.  I was a wreck unable to think, to deal with daily living, yet somehow from somewhere I had to find strength to rebuild my life, just like the Phoenix rising from the ashes when the flames are gone, I had to rise to face the challenges of losing my home and be mum to my 4 children.

What happened next…..

  I believe God had planned for me, call it godsend, chance, DESTINY or whatever but I met a single gentleman, after I moved to my father’s house with my 4 kids. This man believed in me, I started working as a sales woman in someone’s shop and I was earning money enough to take care of my kids but not enough to rent an apartment. I was a broken shell of a woman but this single gentle man love me, still does and he became "dad" to my 4 kids especially the youngest by gently winning her trust. I could continue, but I will end it here, it is nearly 15 years later I have since remarried my knight in the shining armour.

  I still fight the demons in my head with prayers because my two oldest girls are now age 32 and 30, not married but they both have children living in England. I don’t want my girls to go through what I went through ……And I have to say I am blessed because I am a survivor, unlike me, many woman become victims and never get out of it until they are six feet deep.

  We are human, you know sometimes when I think of all of the painful memories, the names he had called me, the endless beating and the damaged to my right hand, the shards of him buried deep in my brain.  And now for the sake of my six children and two grandchildren I began to see how extraordinary, breathtakingly  and beautiful life is. I have discovered that my happiness depends only on myself, nothing could hurt me anymore. I have found and continue to find peace with the help of God, family, my husband and friends.

  The end of my marriage to my first husband, the father to my four children was the catalyst for a wealth of positive changes in my life. I now work in one of the Agricultural Company in Nigeria; I was able to write my GCSE and now looking forward to start Polytechnic/ college. My achievement so far at the age of 48 was a symbol, most importantly; it was an act of self-love. It was a realization that I deserved to be happy and I could choose to be whatever I want to be. To me, letting go of abusive and dreadful marriage is a joyous declaration that I am moving forward with strength and grace and peace.”

Finding the right moment…..and the bravery….

  After listening to Mrs Cold King story all I could say was, Oh my Gosh… this testimony is heavy. Yes, I guess she gave me the courage to share my own abusive relationship story because I believe the price of staying silent is too big a price to pay.

  Our society is so dangerous that you don’t know who to trust when it comes to relationship. Creepy, bizarre, and strange things are happening to people everyday to the extents that men are afraid that women will take them for granted and women are afraid that men will kill them.

  In my middle twenty’s I was in THAT abusive relationship plus being hit, punched, whatever he felt at the time. I took it all in because I don’t have a place to go and I don’t have a family to run to as I live in a strange land.  I have received these kinds of treatment from family members when I was growing up in Nigeria because my parent can’t protect me from their grave. I had many bad relationships along the way but finally no more. I am now married to Jesus, a wonderful man from Galilee that would never hurt me. 

  I have to say that, going through physical, mental and emotional abuse is not easy to forget especially when someone beat you and calls you name all ex-boyfriend did that to me every day, up to the time I left him I took care of him while I was schooling and working my bottom off but he put me down every day. And I was so blind with love I did not see it. He wanted to convert me to Islam by force and his parent wanted me to stop taking their son to church.

  One day I caught him on the computer with another woman and found out he was seeing other women. After he finally went to work, so one morning at 12 am I prayed Lord give me the strength to walk out and never look back and he did. My abuser hurt me so bad that I had trouble thinking straight. One Friday night in October 2006, he beats me so bad and I was unconscious for a few minutes. I called the police and they quickly came to my rescue. We did live in London, so I moved to a friend’s house in the Midlands. 

  In life, we need love ourselves first before anyone can love us and respect us. If you do not respect yourself no one will because as you laid your bed so you sleep on it. With the rate that evil is bring birth to evil in our time, I have seen where adults, children, animals all get abused in some form or another. Children and animals can’t speak but Woman CAN. 

  As a lady, I have learnt a lot about bad relationship and mistakes we do make sometimes, yes I say we made because we stayed and I know it's hard to leave, especially when we think our boyfriends or whatever we called them (abuser) is our lifesaver, sometimes we may think he’s going to change but No abuser just don’t change. Irrespective of the amount of SORRY they say to you, to get out is the best step in the right direction to Happiness.

  I have to say that from my own experience - I know and I believe, is hard to get out of an abusive relationship. People will tell you to leave your boyfriend or dump him and walk away but it isn't that easy to do. Every time you have that thought, the doubt sets in, You are already thinking of what he is going to call you or who is going to take you in if he decided to end the relationship.

  When I finally moved out of my abusive boyfriend house, I really thank God for the support I received from my family and friends whom I trust more than anything.  Just saying…. a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage. If a guy is abusing you mentally and emotionally, don't be afraid or sad that you left him. I know is not easy to be alone but will rather be complete than damaged.

  I know the first step of leaving an abusive relationship is the Hardest. But let No one take your LIFE away from you.
  So to all the people out there that feel they can’t, YES you can and to all that can't speak let's help them to SPEAK AGAINST ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP.


Friday, 13 June 2014

Music Video with Lyrics: Taya Smith - Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)

" Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander."

I will call upon your name. And keep my eyes above the waves. And I will REST in Your embrace. For I am Yours and You are mine." YOU'VE NEVER FAILED AND YOU WON'T START NOW."

I believe there is hope for this world and my generation because songs like this stir the soul and stir that hope. No gloom or evil force can crush that hope. God will yet have his victory in the hearts of men and women who turn to Him, who will share His victory for all eternity. The Lion and the Lamb be praised.

Can't get enough of this song, beautifully written and oh so powerful. His Grace Truly Abounds!

Job 38 verse 12 - Have you commanded your morning??? Speak to The Restorer of Your Soul

This month; I am who God says I am, holy, blameless, pure and righteous!  I function in the dominion of the spirit over every principality and powers. I declare and degree peace all around me. Man does not live on bread alone but from every word that proceeds from the mouth of God; therefore, sickness and Egyptians diseases have no power over me because I am solely dependent upon God’s Word. I am a child of God; I call all things that be not to life. 
The Lord will restore to me the lost and wasted years. He will restore me and my household that the world may see, know, consider and understand together, that the hand of God has done it and created me. The Lord my God is mighty. I reach forth today and take a hold of all that’s mine in Christ Jesus. My saviour has given me a new blood; therefore, I am exempt from sickness. My joy is full because the Lord delights in my wellbeing.

 I am like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that I do, I flourish like a palm tree. The Lord is a shield around me; He bestows glory upon me and lift up my head because he loves me. The Lord of host shall guide me continually and satisfy my soul in drought and make fat my bone. I shall be like a water garden and like a spring of water whose water fails not. I dwell and rest in the secret place of the Almighty and he restores me. I shall come to my grave in full age, like as a shock of corn cometh in his season. At destruction and famine I shall laugh because God is with me all the way. My faith is the victory that overcomes the world; nothing is impossible unto me! Thank you Jesus! Halleluya.......

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Girl, 19, 'attempted to hire a bogus Facebook friend named 'Topdog' to kill her entire family and their dog'

Marissa Williams, 19, was not happy with her aunty for asking her to stop talking to strangers on Facebook and inviting them over to her home, where the aunt lived with her fiancé and son.

In retaliation, the niece blocked her aunt on Facebook.

Aunt created bogus Facebook profile for Tre 'Topdog' Ellis and started chatting with niece, who quickly invited the bogus man over to have sex with him if he agreed to pay her $50 cell phone bill.

The teenager supposedly asked her new friend to kidnap her and shoot her aunt, the woman's fiance, her son and the dog.

In late May, the unaware teenager asked Ellis to come and take her away, and to shoot her aunt if she tried to stop him. As the two continued exchanging messages online, Williams' alleged murder-for-hire plot became ever more elaborate and brutal.

Documents indicate that the teenager instructed her aunt pretending to be a young man to enter the woman's bedroom and kill her and her fiance.

Ms Williams also allegedly asked 'Topdog' to gun down her cousin and the family dog while she was busy loading her belongings into the getaway car. 

Williams' concerned aunt eventually contacted authorities for help.

When deputies responded to the family’s home in Tuscaloosa and interviewed Williams, the teen confessed and apologized, but insisted that she did not really intend to have anyone killed.

Video: Joseph Prince - Win Every Battle Through Right Believing


Victory begins in your mind as you start to believe right – Joseph Prince


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Video: Joseph Prince - Freed From The Fear Of Death

Understand what it means to dwell in the secret place of the Most High—the place of divine protection and long life—and experience death being put under your feet in all your circumstances. Hear this liberating message and step into a fear-free life today!

Monday, 9 June 2014

Warning offensive Language!! Video shows woman in shocking N-word rant at black man in front of her kids

Well, racism still lives on!!! A woman has been filmed abusing a black man in an appalling racist-filled rant where she called him a "nasty f***ing n****r".

The video, uploaded to YouTube, shows the woman screaming abuse while the man sits in his car outside a Dollar General store in the US.

It is unclear how the altercation started, with the woman claiming the man "scared her children".

The man is filmed saying: "Racism alive and well - amazing".

The dark-haired woman responds by saying: "Sure is. It's disgusting what black people got into."

The woman appears to talk to her husband on the phone and asks him to come down to the scene to "f***ing kill" him.

"You called me a n****r," the man said.

"I called you a n****r. You're a n****r. Nasty f***ing n****r," the woman screams back.

The video was uploaded two days ago and has already been viewed 6.9million times.

Be your brother’s keeper! Unwanted artificial legs from the UK changing lives in Gambia African

Gift: Sheikh Jeng wearing the prosthetic leg which was donated by Karl Ives (left).
Sheikh, 20, on the left picture lost his legs to a tropical disease when he was just 11. In Gambia prosthetic limbs – which cost at least £350 – are scarce. His family feared he faced a lifetime of being shunned by a society which sees disability as a curse.
Every year for a decade Sheikh – who plays wheelchair basketball – has returned to hospital to see if they have any legs suitable for him. After 10 years in a wheelchair, the ground suddenly seems a long way down. Finally that day has come.
Holding on to a rail, a look of grim determination on his face, Sheikh Jeng takes his first steps in a decade. And the legs beneath him are made not of flesh and bone but of steel and fibreglass – donated by a fellow amputee thousands of miles away in the UK. As the trainee teacher, who lives in Gambia, ­tentatively makes his way forward, the scale of his achievement dawns on him.
He said: “I have hoped every day for 10 years that I would walk again. Having these legs is completely life-changing. I’m the happiest man in Africa.”
'Sending off' party: The van full of donated prosthetic legs sets off to Africa.

His right leg was donated by Karl Ives. Karl lost his leg at the age of four after being electrocuted while playing near a railway line. He is now an engineer for a ­prosthetics company in Hampshire and appears as an extra in films and TV.
He said: “We’ve got the NHS. You need a limb, you get a limb. Over there they’re lucky to have crutches or a home-made trolley.”
Karl, 44, has been through 40 prosthetic legs. The dad of five is now working with volunteers at charity Legs4Africa to stop these discarded limbs from ending up on the scrapheap and get them sent to Africa.
Alex Brooker from Arsenal, North London, donated his old artificial leg to
Gambia, where it was received by Usman Bah, 60.

The prosthetics workshop at the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital in Banjul, Gambia, is a far cry from Karl’s state-of-the-art Prosthetic Regional ­Rehabilitation Department in Portsmouth, but it’s enough to turn these second-hand limbs into life-changers.

The charitable organisation, funded entirely through online donations, has collected old limbs from around the country. Among its cargo of 500 legs was one donated by TV’s Alex Brooker. The Last Leg sports presenter had his right leg amputated below the knee as a baby.

His leg has gone to 60-year-old Usman Bah. The former tourist guide lost his right leg to diabetes eight years ago. Since then, every day has been filled with pain and humiliation.

“I dreamed of the day I could run and walk with my head held high. Thanks to Alex Brooker, that day is finally here.”

Legs4Africa was set up by Tom Williams, 28, after a trip to Gambia in October 2012

I dear you to become a solution to other people problem today! God Save our Queen and bless United Kingdom


Good kid....raised right! Son fulfils promise he made as 8-year-old: a '57 Chevy for his 57-year-old dad

I just want to share this news because it’s great to see kids growing up to be decent members of the society and reading about them doing good stuff like this in the newspapers or on TV instead of being on the 5 o clock news for some terrible crime.

From Fox News
A Kentucky man who just turned 57 is the proud new owner of a ’57 Chevy thanks to his son, who promised his father more than two decades ago that he would buy him that car when his dad reached that milestone.

Mike King said the car was his dad’s dream car when his dad was a kid, Fox8 Cleveland reported. Roger King grew up poor in a family of seven kids and never thought he would be able to own his dream car.

“When I was 8 years old, I promised him that on his 57th birthday I would buy him a 57 Bel Air,” King, now 31, said on Reddit. “I never forgot and was able to fulfill my promise.”

King also posted a video that shows his father’s stunned reaction when he saw the car and he gave his father the keys. King and his father live in Louisville.

Mike King said he bought the car in New Hampshire and hid it in his garage for two years.

Joseph Prince - Jesus Has Made The Finish Line Your Starting...

When you fail, do you go to God telling Him what a lousy sinner you are? Or do you go to God boldly, believing you are still righteous in Christ? Joseph Prince shows you why it is the latter that will cause you to find grace to overcome your weaknesses and challenges.

Get back on your feet again, walk tall, and be bold as a lion in life because Jesus has made you righteous. The victorious Christian walk, where you enjoy intimacy with the Father and reign over sin, begins with knowing how you are forever forgiven, righteous, and complete in Christ!

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Just as I Am, Without One Plea…..Do you not hear this song?? This song right here is very weighty.

1.       Just as I am, without one plea,

          but that thy blood was shed for me,

          and that thou bidst me come to thee,

          O Lamb of God, I come, I come.


I remember when I was a teenager hearing this song over and over. This song always touched my heart. I am so glad to have received Jesus as my Lord and saviour. I wish everyone would open their heart and let the peace that passes all understandings of men flow in. God IS ALIVE in us. If we have faith...! Christ meets us where we are. The God who made the universe does not live in the temples that can be built, or in statues that man can be make, rather when we reach out to find him, and come the right way, He lives in relationship with us.


2.       Just as I am, and waiting not

          to rid my soul of one dark blot,

          to thee whose blood can cleanse each spot,

          O Lamb of God, I come, I come.


There is no hurt too big, no problem too large and no sin too dreadful that He can't meet us when we come. Only one thing is needed, that we believe He died and rose again for us and so we come to Him with sincere hearts and ask Him to be our Lord and our God. I have seen druggies, prostitutes, destitute, murderers, people who aborted children finding Christ and walk with Him. Don't let your shame stop you coming to Him. Jesus says, "I stand at the door (of your life) and knock. If any man opens the door, I will come in."


3.       Just as I am, though tossed about

          with many a conflict, many a doubt,

          fightings and fears within, without,

          O Lamb of God, I come, I come.


Jesus took me just as I was, I was a mess in this sinful and unrighteousness world, He loves me enough to save my soul from destruction and everlasting torment in the lake of fire. He loves you also if you believe in Him you will be saved for eternity. The choice is yours; I hope that you make the right one for eternity. Don’t worry about your "so-called" friends, what they may think, if they say there is no such thing as Jesus. They are not your friend(s). Jesus is my best friend! He’s been with me even when I was a sinner and today I am joint heirs with him and I have eternal salvation.


4.       Just as I am, poor, wretched, blind;

          sight, riches, healing of the mind,

          yea, all I need in thee to find,

          O Lamb of God, I come, I come.


As Jesus looked down to the prostitute woman with love and set her free. So am I. My teenage years were terrible full of all sort of sin, but I am convicted of it. I am a born again christian now, I am a believer, but have fallen, and this convicts me. I ran to Jesus and He accepted me just as I am. As that Samaritan woman in the bible was living in sin by committing fornication, I am the same. I stretch for freedom from sin just as I am, though tossed about with many a conflict, many a doubt, fighting and fears within me and Jesus receive me with welcome and pardon Just as I am.


5.       Just as I am, thou wilt receive,

          wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve;

          because thy promise I believe,

          O Lamb of God, I come, I come.


I have good news for you today, that no matter what you have done in the past; Jesus is willing and able to forgive you. This song makes me to realize how gracious our God is, whatever you are, Jesus loves you and He will accept you just the way you are. Where else can we go from His presence… Just as I am I come….


6.       Just as I am, thy love unknown

          hath broken every barrier down;

          now, to be thine, yea thine alone,

           O Lamb of God, I come, I come.


Jesus is the only help you will ever need!!!  AMEN.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Internet Dating Ends Horrible: A French woman was buried alive on her First date, report say

There are good first dates, bad first dates and then there's THIS. Please stop killing our girls!  Ladies please be careful! Internet dating is not always the best! Just saying, she that have ears let her hears……

The Story – A French woman who traveled to meet a man she had been talking to on the internet for months never realized she wouldn't live long enough for date number two.

The weird man slaughter, Moroccan man, told authorities that the date was going fine until El Houari, the deceased woman, keeled over and collapsed. He claimed he thought she was dead, and proceeded to bury her in his backyard garden.

El Houari was actually a diabetic and had fallen into a coma, the newspaper reported. She slowly suffocated to death. Police dug up El Houari’s body after receiving a tip from her family, who had filed a missing persons report to Moroccan police.

Authorities charged the man with involuntary manslaughter after he reportedly confessed.

Joseph Prince: Who Is YAHWEH? Hebrews 13 vs 8

God's Word promises, "If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation..... For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved"

Video: An Italian 25 years old Nun, Cristina Suor, won The voice of Italy 2014 with 31 million internet views

Well, Glory be to God! I think people voted for Sour Cristina (The singing Nun) not only because of her lovely voice, but, because they wanted a singer who isn't naked all the time. I doubt she'll appear in see through dresses, or completely commando …. Lol
Cristina Sour (Sister), become an international social media sensation with performances of Like a Prayer and Believer and took 60 per cent of the entire the voice of Italy vote before she finally won.  Then closed the show by leading the audience and preoccupied judges in the Lord’s Prayer.  
Check out below the winning song by Suor Cristina - "Beautiful That Way" - The Voice Of Italy 
The pretty Nun’s always performs enthusiastically in full custom and flexible shoes. After breaking all You Tube records following her first appearance with 31 million hits in just a week mark her the firm and people favourite to win. 
In the below video Adorable Cristina sang  - "What a feeling" - The Voice Of Italy - 07/05/2014  
According to DM, Cristina said: 'I want Jesus to come in here!' 'My presence here is not up to me, it's thanks to the man upstairs!' She said: 'I will go back to my priorities – prayer, waking up early in the morning, school service. That's fundamental for me to be able to begin something new later on.'
She is a breath of fresh air, isn’t she?
The remarkable nun has won a record contract, amidst some people criticism with Universal Records but has yet to decide if she will take up a full-time pop career.

AMS true life Story - Could Life Get any Worse? First my mother, father, and then brother.… Only God could get me through these pains. Above all I thank God!

  My life has been filled with many love ones that cared for me and have passed. I remember them and wonder who can be good and where does good come from? God revealed his majesty and great power in my life as I sat alone needing answers. God is good and we all need to taste His goodness.

  I grew up knowing how sad it is to lose a family member. And when I found out my auntie was not my mother, my life fell apart as a child. I started living in my own little dark world nursing my pains by being distant from everybody in my family. I felt betrayed by my mother but little do I know that she died of Lymphoma cancer and TB. I was told my mother fought so hard, but at the end she didn't want to fight any more.

  My mother cancer had reached her lung, stomach and started eating the baby inside her womb and the doctors only gave her few weeks to live and turned out to be few months.  I was born in the month of February but she died in the month of October, A week after our firstborn 15th birthday, my mother passed away.

  One thing I know and realized is that, it’s not easy to move on when you lost your mother as a baby, especially when you are a female, the society will push you to the wall and your bottom will hit the rock. People will mislead you and use you, abuse you and bullied you.

  My eldest sister was left with responsibilities of becoming a mother to a one year and eight month old baby and still taking care of other four siblings. It was a great responsibility on her shoulder, she feels a pain within her that she has never ever felt before, and it’s almost like she was sinking down a deep black hole even though my father was there to support her. Her world turns upside down and she was never the same again because she had to sacrifice so many things like education, in order to take care of us…….

  The pain of losing my mother cut so deep into my father’s heart and he was really devastated.  My father once told me that his life was not complete anymore because since my mother’s death something was missing inside of him and that he had lost a part of his body and soul.  My Father re- married but it only lasted four years because he finds it difficult to love any other woman. I believe my father share a special bond with my mother, just like how parents and their children or siblings share special bond of love. When that bond is broken because of death, a little part of us dies too.

  According to my eldest sister, she knew in her heart and soul that she must continue to sacrifice her life for us no matter how hard it is, because that is what our mother would wanted her to do. 

  We all cope with death and grief in different ways. Some of us hide our feelings and stop talking about it; others get angry and some of us isolate ourselves. I think it’s important that we give ourselves permission to grieve, talk about it and accept it.  My sister was unable to grieve, she fell apart, the tasks were too big, the pain was too much and she kept it inside. I am sure she is still grieving after 32 years and I pray that GOD in his infinite mercy will mend her broken heart soon. 

  If I could measure the loss of not having a mother, I would not have enough space or time to be contented. However, what I am doing with this story right now is to let everyone know how much more love, friendship and act of thanksgiving can heal your past, present and any wound you might come across.

  It has been 17 years since my father's passed on. Nothing hits me like the loss of my Dad. My father rocks my planet, the very ground I stand on. I never thought I could live a day without him. I have realized that ‘death’ is a brief separation and a temporary pain. I always say to myself how blessed I was to have a father like him for almost 16 years of my life. I remember how he was taking care of seven children - My father, my hero, an excellent dad, he always had something worthwhile to say to his children. I took in everything he ever said, because I had so much respect for him.

  Let me tell you the two most important things I learned from my dad. Number one, love people and don’t be selfish. That's what he did. He cried with people, he laughed with people. Everybody was his friend. He could care less about your ethnicity- even though he barely speaks Yoruba language, whatever. All he cared about was you, your person.

  Number two, my father always advise us to live for God and not to get caught up in the things of this world, because they're just brief. The world will get the best of you if you let it, so we need to truly live for God.

  My dad always motivates us with those two words in his whole life. And those two things have shaped who I am today. I love people, though some people misconstrue it as too emotional but it does not matter because we are individual in nature. One thing I know is- life is short and God is real, and that I need to live for him and be strong.

  I was visiting my brothers in Lagos, Nigeria., during the school holidays in '97, two days after I arrived in Lagos my sister called and said, my dad was not feeling fine and it seem that was it – because he had an operation before he took ill. A few days later, it was on a Sunday Morning, I went on transit – like a dream but eyes wild open and I saw a man dressed in white. I knew my father had just passed away, he only came to say goodbye. I told my brother and it was so.

  At first, when I lost my father to arterial disease I felt as though I couldn't move on and it was very hard to hold my head up high. I was just 16 years old preparing for my SSCE (Senior Secondary Certificate Examination) I felt like my entire life was over with. I couldn't find the strength to move on and I walked around looking for people to pity me.

  After about two weeks, the sadness I was feeling was eating me up, I could not concentrates in school at all, so I had to drop out of secondary school and moved to Lagos to continues my secondary education.  I felt defeated once again and the sadness I was feeling turned into grieved. I started praying because I just couldn't take the pain anymore.  At the age of 17, I gave my heart to Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour because only God could heal a broken heart. Sometimes when something tragedy happen to us, we stop talking to God or hate Him, but thank God for my upbringing and the kind of life I have been exposed to. An extra-ordinary life! I have learnt never to be bitter towards God because He want me to  be a prisoner of hope. God loves me  and only Him can restores. Just because I lost my both parents does not mean my life is over! The thing is, sometimes God put us in an unstable environment to strengthen our cords and there is a power that comes out of pain, if only we can surrender all to God.

  Tragedy strikes - thrice!

  "Something terrible happened."
  Five years ago, my brother passed away. He was killed by some gangs of hire killers in Ikorodu, Lagos state Nigeria. He was just 42 years old, and many of my family members are having trouble coming to terms with this loss not only because of his age, but because it happened very quickly. Thank God those gangs were apprehended and justice was served but the deed has been done. When my beloved Yakubu died it seems as if time stands still. And silence... a quiet sadness... I often felt, not just heard, a longing for one more day... one more word... one more touch... And I may not understand why God chose to have him leave this earth so soon, or why he had to leave before I was ready to say goodbye, but little by little, l begin to remember not just that he died, but that he lived. And that his life gave me memories that are too beautiful to forget.

  I came to England on a student visa, to study in the United Kingdom for four years and when I was coming in October 2005, I remember waiting patiently for my elder brother at home because I wanted to buy my plane ticket. He gave me the money and that was the last time I saw my brother. After I arrived here in the UK we only communicated through phone, he was there for me during my hard times, and he stood by me as a father figure.

Lest I forget, if not for God and Yakubu (my late brother)I wouldn’t have had the opportunity of writing GCE or even come to do my University degrees in the UK. I remember how he used to go out every day and do odd jobs so that I can write GCSE examinations. My dear brother I will never forget you. You are my hero!

  December 2007 Christmas was the last time I spoke with my brother on the phone. We also discussed about how he was going to pay my school fees for my second year second semester. However, death snatched him away from me in the month of January 2008. I felt another blow on my face but this time people really cared for me.

  I received support from my immediate family because they knew how closed we were. My God’s parent that I was staying with as at that time in the UK were really amazing people, they did all they could, to see that I finished my University. My University lecturers and international student centre also reduced my University fees. The people at my local parish were very generous.

  It’s taking me a long time to heal and to feel whole again because I really Love my brother. I had days when I just laid in my bed and I felt so alone, and I cried. I cried so much that it felt like I didn’t have any tears left. I don’t know how many times I picked up the phone to call him and see if he will pick up my calls, and after two seconds I realized that I couldn’t. Even if you know that they are gone, it’s like your brain somehow push it away and “forgets” about it. I screamed and cried out for Yakubu and I did not think it was fair. “Why was I losing people I love so dearly? And why couldn’t I just see my brother and talk to him one more time? Why did he have to go when I needed him the most?”

  There is no right or wrong way to grieve.  Everyone grieves differently.  As a born-again Christian, I turn to God’s Word to find strength and comfort while I grieve. These are the example of word in the bible that has comforted me over the years…..

Matthew 5:4 “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”

Isaiah 41:10 “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Isaiah 43:2 “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you.  When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.”

Psalm 18:28 “You, Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.”

Revelation 21:4 “‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

Psalm 119:50 “My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life.”
  One thing I am grateful and thanking God for today is that I surrounded myself with good people through the grace of God. I know that in life everything happens for a reason. I know I used to ask God why but I have passed that stage now because I have being made strong. I know the power of God is helping me through it all. I have known many blessings in my life. I have lost, but I have also gained. I have hurt, but I have also healed. I have struggled, but I have also loved. And I have been loved. I know I still have more to experience, more to change, more to grow. For all that I have been given in ever so many ways; I know that I am blessed. And I am thankful to God almighty.

  Amidst all this, God is still able; a God who created the world from nothing, healed the sick, and rained down manna. He is able to handle my situations, for he is my God.

And it almost happen again!

  In 2013, the doctor said they found something like Cancer in my blood test and I did two biopsies, one on my neck and the other on my groin. My family and friend surrounded me with prayers and we did pray like a wailing woman, however, I was not claiming being righteousness but God hears our prayers, when I was about to go back for more test, the doctor said there was no more any sign of cancer but they found something else and I thank God this ailment is treatable. I am well and grateful to God almighty. I guess we all have that moment when our bottom just go down and we sometimes don’t know how to pick ourselves up but our God is faithful!

  My brother's death and my father's death still affect me, usually when I least expect it. Like when I was walking back from shopping mall on one bank holiday. I passed a dad with two young girls walking down the road, and I just lost it. It reminded me of when Dad took me and my half-sister out for a social event. I cried the whole way home, and then sat in the parking lot crying after that.

  And there are still reminders. As I sat on the bed today at my family friend’s house reflecting through those beautiful moments I shared with my brother, I laughed and cries as the memories flooded my mind. But I realize it was one smaller step toward healing. Reminiscing about the good times can do that.

  I don't feel as invincible as I used to anymore. Losing your brother and your dad in the space of 11years will do that to you. But those things have also helped me mature. Tragedy will do that to you too. A lot of people have told me, "You know, you've already been through more than many people go through in their entire life."

  I don't know why I've been given these tremendous losses in my life.

  Still, I know God loves me. And I know he's preparing me for something, though I don't yet know what. And through it all, I know God will never give me more than I can handle.

  My father and brother handled it for several years, and now they are with God. If you are blessed enough to have your parents for more than 30 years of your lives be thankful to God for such blessing because others never meet their parent. Children in Africa die every day from hunger; other children are beaten to death by parents who just don't care. I guess I'm not so unfortunate after all because I have so many  brothers, fathers and mothers who have touched and still touching my life in so many good ways. Thanks to my wonderful sisters and I love you all.

  My experiences in life got me to see that Jesus may not be the only one to carry us during the tough times. He often sends us friends and loved ones to do that for Him. And even though I don't live at the beach but on Highstreet, there were no footprints of mine during my darkest hour because I was being carried by all of the people that love me. And I hope to return the favour to each and every one of you someday.

  Everything I went through in life till now reminded me of the "Footprints" poem that most of us know all too well.

Footprints in the Sand
      One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord.
             Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.
                  In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand.
                       Sometimes there were two sets of footprints,
                           other times there were one set of footprints.
                                  This bothered me because I noticed
                                that during the low periods of my life,
                             when I was suffering from
                         anguish, sorrow or defeat,
                     I could see only one set of footprints.
         So I said to the Lord,
      "You promised me Lord,
         that if I followed you,
             you would walk with me always.
                   But I have noticed that during
                          the most trying periods of my life
                                 there have only been one
                                       set of footprints in the sand.
                                           Why, when I needed you most,
                                          you have not been there for me?"
                                 The Lord replied,
                          "The times when you have
                  seen only one set of footprints,
          is when I carried you."
                                                   Mary Stevenson


"Life without hope is hopeless, we all need to put the old past behind us and move up to gain our balance and confidence. Sorrow, grief, pain and hurt can destroy and damage but patience can rebuild or restore. Live well, God is love and love is God"
                                            Alaba Saliu


Thank you so much for reading my blog and God blessed...... :)