Friday, 13 June 2014

Job 38 verse 12 - Have you commanded your morning??? Speak to The Restorer of Your Soul

This month; I am who God says I am, holy, blameless, pure and righteous!  I function in the dominion of the spirit over every principality and powers. I declare and degree peace all around me. Man does not live on bread alone but from every word that proceeds from the mouth of God; therefore, sickness and Egyptians diseases have no power over me because I am solely dependent upon God’s Word. I am a child of God; I call all things that be not to life. 
The Lord will restore to me the lost and wasted years. He will restore me and my household that the world may see, know, consider and understand together, that the hand of God has done it and created me. The Lord my God is mighty. I reach forth today and take a hold of all that’s mine in Christ Jesus. My saviour has given me a new blood; therefore, I am exempt from sickness. My joy is full because the Lord delights in my wellbeing.

 I am like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that I do, I flourish like a palm tree. The Lord is a shield around me; He bestows glory upon me and lift up my head because he loves me. The Lord of host shall guide me continually and satisfy my soul in drought and make fat my bone. I shall be like a water garden and like a spring of water whose water fails not. I dwell and rest in the secret place of the Almighty and he restores me. I shall come to my grave in full age, like as a shock of corn cometh in his season. At destruction and famine I shall laugh because God is with me all the way. My faith is the victory that overcomes the world; nothing is impossible unto me! Thank you Jesus! Halleluya.......

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