Monday, 9 June 2014

Warning offensive Language!! Video shows woman in shocking N-word rant at black man in front of her kids

Well, racism still lives on!!! A woman has been filmed abusing a black man in an appalling racist-filled rant where she called him a "nasty f***ing n****r".

The video, uploaded to YouTube, shows the woman screaming abuse while the man sits in his car outside a Dollar General store in the US.

It is unclear how the altercation started, with the woman claiming the man "scared her children".

The man is filmed saying: "Racism alive and well - amazing".

The dark-haired woman responds by saying: "Sure is. It's disgusting what black people got into."

The woman appears to talk to her husband on the phone and asks him to come down to the scene to "f***ing kill" him.

"You called me a n****r," the man said.

"I called you a n****r. You're a n****r. Nasty f***ing n****r," the woman screams back.

The video was uploaded two days ago and has already been viewed 6.9million times.

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