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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Its start with you! Be KIND. Brighten someone’s day...

Sugar coated words doesn’t sway me but smart people impresses me, simplicity amazes me, and strength of character does influences me. And most of all, I am captivated by acts of kindness or compassion. Kindness, I think, comes from learning hard lessons well from failing and picking yourself up from rock bottom. Kindness implies an understanding of the human condition, forgives it many flaws and quirks. When I see that in people, it feels me with admiration.

Just like Mother Theresa said “Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, and kindness in your smile.” Doing something nice solely for the good graces of those around you isn't really kindness. Don't feel the need to rejoice about your good-deeds towards other, always give God all the glory and be humble.

J Pass it on, KINDNESS is contagious J

Matthew 11:28 and Revelation 22:17 show us that the New Testament begins and ends with an invitation for all of us to receive God’s kindness. God’s kindness is available to everyone. Just like Mephibosheth in 2 Samuel 19 represents every poor, damaged, lame, depressed, sick, sinful, tired, scattered, wandering, lost, dead dog, person in all of human race. And, he lives in a desolate land. But what happened? King David has already made up his mind to be kind to him because he made a covenant with his father Jonathan to let his family live in freedom and blessing. God’s kindness is for those like Mephibosheth who was injured while fearfully running from a king who has already made up his mind to be kind to us against all odds.

From the story in the book of 11 Samuel chapter 19 we can see that God’s kindness restores relationship (Romans 5:8–10), provides us with incorruptible inheritance (1 Peter 1:4), and delivers our feet from falling (Psalm 116:8). Mephibosheth was restored, rich in blessing and his lame foot was covered by a king who loved him so much and gave him the favoured seat at His table. Like Mephibosheth you need to receive His kindness, be restored and see the rich blessing of Him in your life. Don’t forget to show kindness to others. I just want you remember that as Jesus is in heaven so you are here on earth.

You don't always need a reason to call up a good friend. Make a goal of calling one friend per week, or even three friends per week, just to catch up and see how that person is doing. Today, try not to be lazy, send a text message or even a Facebook post and give your friend a phone call from the heart. Don’t just call or be kind to people because you want something in return. I just wanted to say a big thank you to all those wonderful people in my life because your kindness in words gives me confident and your kindness in open-handed show me love.

Thank you! xx

Have a glorious week!


Luke 6 vs 38: Just a reminder to pay it forward

In the market place, a good merchant would provide their buyers with a "good measure." Customer/(s) or buyer/(s) would bring a container to the market to buy grain and the merchant would fill their containers, press it down, shake it together, and fill it again until it was running over. God's Word promises that when we give, God will bless us back abundantly with a "good measure."

"Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, will be given to you. For with the same measure you measure it will be measured back to you."

                    Have a lovely day! :) 

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Your word(s) is as good as you!!! Create or Destroy???

Words… They can have so much power yet be so simple at the same time. The funny thing about them is; they are powerless until we put power behind them, by intent or act. We can use them to hurt or to help each other.
Many people put truth behind their words. Other put lies. Be careful of the power you put behind your words because in this world, Intention is everything.

We know that God created the world by speaking it into existence. The world was framed by the Word of God. He created the visible world out of nothing. A true born again Christian should frame, form, and create their world by the spoken Word of God. We read in the Old Testament that the spoken word is very powerful and the spoken word by God was used to create the world and create all that is or will ever be...
Words are often times used to shield us and to bring alive dead situations. Sometimes it seems easier to hate than to hurt. Hate is a powerful word. Hate, like Love is used a lot of times to mean more than one thing and to convey more than one feeling. It’s not unusual to despise a situation or a set of circumstances and then to transfer that emotion onto the person we feel caused it” - Hill Harper


My elder sister once consoled me with this saying when I was wrongly accused by some set of people close to our family. She said ALABA, "Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you".  You know what, is a lie because It is a rhyme that elderly people or parent gives to their children to basically say "don't let what people SAYS break you". I personally think she was just trying to boost my confident and release me from insecurity but it is an ugly lie because the truth is, words hurt and it can destroy life once spoken.  A lot of times it’s not the words that was spoken but more like the mouth the words came from.
For example, it probably wouldn't hurt  me for a stranger to tell me that I am ugly but if someone I have a deep passion for or love was to tell me that I am ugly and not good enough then that will affect me. Whether I act on that WORDS or not is one thing but deep inside it will hurt because in fact the person who said it means something to Me.

I'm going to give you two situations which happened to me without going into too much details.
Example 1: A friend of mine got pregnant last year and she was in a complicated relationship, this affected her Christianity to the extent that she felt like an outcast. During her pregnancy I didn't know she was even pregnant. I just remember her saying if she was to get pregnant she wouldn't keep it and so on and so forth. One day we sat down and had a long talk and we pray and cry together. I spoke highly of the blessing of having a child. Some women aren't able to conceive so for you to get pregnant is amazing. I told her a lot of positive things. I encouraged her that I will ALWAYS be there if she needs someone to talk to. Recently I went to her house to do my hair and she told me she was pregnant and it was because of me she decided to keep the baby. She was happy until she had a miscarriage. I was hurt and delighted somehow because my simple words to her changed her decision. I then began to tell her, the miscarriage was just a way of God stating, it wasn't time.

Example 2: There was this lady I met when I was admitted in the hospital last year. We are four in one room nobody talks to each other because we were all in a lot of pain. This lady cries all the time and it beyond control nobody knew what was wrong with her, the Doctors said there is nothing wrong with her that she should go home. Even though I was not feeling well too, I felt the need to say something nice to her and be friendly with her. One afternoon, I went to her bedside and I asked her if I can sit down with her and have a chat, she said yes, I told her I am a Christian and I hope she wouldn’t mind if I pray with her and she said yes…. I was beyond shocked. I began to thank God silently within me and I went ahead praying with her and sharing the word of hope with her. To be honest, I don’t really know what was wrong with her but I felt it was DEPRESSION.
After we finished praying she hugged me and said I just wanted to thank you for praying with me because I am okay now. Later on it hit me, why of all people she wanted me to talk to her and she did not even wanted to listen to what the Doctor, nurse and her husband have to say because the more they told her she is OKAY the more she CRIES. Of course after me, she spoke to few people that came to visit her but it placed a soft spot on my heart. In the midst of someone on their hospital bed, because of the positive attitude I have, that person that I barely know want to hear me speak and pray with her. That did something to me. What actually make this story a good one to remember was that I went to the hospital not knowing I could be admitted. I have nothing to change with and I told God quietly that I need a pyjama, not knowing this lady have been looking at me because through out my stay in the hospital all I do is to wear hospital cloth and use the hospital personal hygiene stuff. On the day I prayed, use my personal life as an example to cheer her up, her husband and their two lovely sons came to visit her and they went out for a stroll on their way back to her hospital bed she bought me a pyjamas and a book.  
I am sharing all of these stories to say:

                                     Yours truly, Alaba :)

Stress can takes a toll on the mind and the body!!! When was the last time you had ME TIME???

It may sound reasonable but having Me Time is one of the hardest things to fit into our schedule. We spend so much time worrying about everything BUT ourselves to the extent that many of us don’t know how to relax anymore. I know people have all sorts of expectations for themselves and the drive to meet those expectations can make it hard to take time off and reenergize. However, please don’t murder yourself because God has not created you to burn you out.

  Sometimes our occupation or work, school, friends, blogging, family or whatever it is we spend a lot of time doing, can stress us out and murder our sleep. I want to be able to say I sleep 8 hours a day but I would be lying. Now, before I go any further, sleeping is healthy. In fact, you need sleep to preserve your energy. But there is a difference between sleeping when you are tired and sleeping when you are lazy.

Sometimes Me Time can be found anywhere it just depends on what you want to do. I think it is important to have some space to be yourself, not just SISTER, DAUGHTER, GIRLFRIEND, BOYFRIEND, SON IN LAW, BROTHER, DADDY AND MUMMY.

You can always feel refreshed and ready to face the week after a soak in the bath or even stealing an hour reading a good book or listen to music. But if there is no chance for any real Me Time, just sit back on the sofa, pop your favourite movie on and snuggle. Nothing can beat being You and getting cuddles at the same time!

Sometimes we get so bored with life that we either want something new or go through a depression stage. Some amount of stress is good and may be productive but negative stress can lead to all sorts of psychological issues. Before this happens, I would like to say please give yourself a lots of ME TIME. Whether its one day or one week socialize with people and relax your brain. There is no minimum or maximum way to love you. Just make sure you allow time in your busy schedules to pamper yourself or simply relax.
I remember two years ago,  I did not have a job and I was really poorly, I was so stressed about all the bills and company tax I have to pay back and I just didn't know what to do or where the money was going to come from. I spoke to a close friend of mine working with CAP about my debt. He calculated my budget and came up with a payment plan and time frame which put me at ease a little. But one thing that stood out in our conversation was when he said " Alaba make sure you buy yourself something" I told him "no because I'd rather use any money I could gather from friends, family and selling some of my stuffs on eBay toward the bills so I can pay them off faster" He said "No, even if you buy something simple, buy it because you will start to RESENT yourself" and he was right.

Because I did not listen to my friend advice , I learnt how to take one step at a time in a hard way. Months later, I was deep in depression with sleepless night of thinking on how to pay everything off to the extent that I wasn't showing myself any love. One day, I went on rampage shopping and I definitely regret it. Not only did the end of the cycle start all over again but I ended up with a bunch of things I don't really want and my bills are still not paid off. So now the process is a little slower but I make sure I buy something for the house or at least takes the time out to hang out with a friend once a week.

J Purely delightful AlabaJ

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Personal philosophy: All you have is yourself, if you share it...what's left for you??

As I go through some of my blog post, I think maybe I'm giving too much of myself out. But then again, it’s good to let certain things out - for people to know where you stand as an individual! This is not because you want to prove yourself to anyone but .....

 However, when you have accomplished things in life and you are on your path to success. Sometimes it’s better to say less and do more.

 People make up a great idea of who you are as a person, what you do, who you're with and how they feel your life should be. The honest truth is, these people know nothing about you.

 Over the years I have learned not to give too many people the privilege of knowing everything about myself. But, I'm still not perfect in hiding something about me. Then, The question is if I do give all of me out, there will be no mystery. My blogger readers, friends and probably strangers might get bored of me easily and move right along. Once you began opening up your life to the next person whether it be via Internet or in person. Be careful. They can use it against you later on. OK OK..not everyone out there is bad or can  harm you but neither is everyone looking out for your best interest.

 Ex #1. One of my past relationships were broadcasted everywhere in London by my sole called best friend. It felt like I was dating the world because no matter what I did, this false friend of mine, (babe you know yourself) will mentioned my relationship and discussed me with her so called friends,  it was obvious she was not happy for me at all. I did not notice until after the break up. She was around me all the time. I was even planning my wedding with her because I thought she was happy for me. Once the relationship ended, the truth came out it felt like I was splitting up with the world and with these false friends. She no longer cared or came around because the happy images were now ending. But I blame myself for letting her get too close. A year or two later, this "friend" is NOWHERE to be found.
 I can’t even turn to her for anything now because I am really scared of her actions and how she could berate someone behind their back. I am not just saying this but the people she told was telling me my story when I went for Christmas holiday last year and I said sorry that STORY was my story. What you were saying happened to me and I know who told you. Don't tell everyone everything. The less they know the better. She’s not LOYAL! Only God can keep your secret not even your siblings or mere friend.

 Ex #2 it’s pretty hard not to express exactly what's going on nowadays because you have Facebook, Twitter, blog spot, You-tube and Instagram’s. But just be careful. It saddens to see people telling ALL of their business over Facebook and then get mad when people are talking about them. You tell people exactly what you want to tell them. If your business is out there, you are giving people the authorisation to do and say what they want with this information. No matter what you do or say, people will perceive something the way it related or unrelated to them (Biased).

 The other day someone was using style to ask me about my relationship status through the Facebook. I was really mad at him and I have to delete all my picture of the Facebook and erase some info. Some people could be really weird!

 A simple quote "I have to watch my back, I'm not just anybody" can turn into "girl you know Alaba thinks she's famous, yep she has some Peeping Tom now" Lol.
                                Leave some secret. :)


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Ladies cover it up!!! Why are you ladies taking God’s gift and using it to taunt and disrespect Him?

Nowadays, everywhere I look, ladies are trying to be the baddest, the latest Rihanna in town, the thickest chicks that have the best car and longest Brazilian weave, etc. If ladies cleavage isn’t spilling out of their shirt, they aren’t sexy enough. If they don’t receive a compliment, they’re left feeling insecure. But whose fault is it? God for giving you this gift??? Men for chasing any ladies in skirts and trousers, right??? Women for gossiping and laughing at another woman if she isn’t dressing well like them??? Or society for putting sex out there through the media like this is the way we are SUPPOSED to be???

I just wanted to say that:

The body you’re exposing carelessly is not yours…’s God’s gift.

The beauty you have………it’s also not yours. It’s Gods image.

The time and energy you have……….guess who gave you? God

The breath of life that you’re making nonsense with, guess who it returns to? God

Sex is from God believe it or not …….not from worshipping the devil or believing his lies. I just can’t get my head around this naked ambition notice me altitude of ladies nowadays. Cover it up, don’t expose it!

I was talking to my male friend the other day and I asked him “why is it that when men see an attractive woman in barely anything, why do they go crazy but when it comes to their sisters, they want her to cover up and be classy?” His response was, “because those women are not wife material and we guys know who we want for wife. If any lady out there is willing to show us everything without us working hard for it, then we won’t want to keep her. That’s not the girl we really want”

It hurts me so bad to see female dressing and behaving badly. Modest dressing brings beauty and class, I believe that when ladies expose their body unnecessarily, it is neither class nor trend; rather, it is as a result of a low self-esteem. Some ladies thinks it’s until they expose their body cheaply that's when men will notice them. Total misconception!!

Don’t get me wrong it’s cool to be well turned-out to the eye…but too much of anything isn’t good. Ladies please don’t put ALL your goodies out there. RESPECT yourself. Modesty or simplicity is the key!!!

Personally, I do feel prettier when the clothes I wear are fashionable, yet very comfortable. I always ask my friend "does this look good on me" she'll say yes, but no matter her answer, if I don't feel it. I won't wear it. And if I can't make myself happy and comfortable with what I do and wear, how can I expect someone else to be comfortable around me.

Be comfortable in the skin you are in. Be comfortable being you. Don't let the videos, media and celebrities; determine your beauty for you. Don't let the men chasing after naked women bother you because remember that's not necessarily who wins in the end. BE YOU!

God is watching.....

The Cross Stride of Life: God will never gives you a cross to bear larger than you can carry no matter what

We all seem to have some “cross to bear.”  Some people seem to believe that if you become a Christian, that all of your trials will go away but quite the contrary. This type of belief is not found in the Scripture. “The Gospel according to James 1 says, “Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.””
According to the dictionary, a trial is “a test of faith, patience, or stamina by suffering or temptation.”
Trials will indeed come our way.  If you are not facing a trial right now, Praise God!  But be ready because one is sure to come your way.  God never allows us to go through more than we can handle. And when the trials come be sure to carry your cross and go through it with JESUS. Don’t help yourself please depend on God 100% because the easy way out is not always the best way...
The morale of this story is.....
we complain about the cross we bear but don’t realize it is preparing us for the dip in the road that God can see and we cannot!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

True love is what we all dream of and so few ever have: True… love is....4ever....don't ever…. 4get…it

What is love??? Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes and always perseveres.

I believe that when we're truly loved by the person we loved, then we'll be the happiest person in life. We'll never feel lonely and low in life. We'll always get strength to be us. Life is not about how far and how much money we make, but it’s about, spending it with the people we love and making it worthwhile. But it’s sad that time has changed and so the people have changed too. Times are gone for honest man and honest woman. People are being more unreal, artificial, lazy, greedy and selfish. It’s hard to find people who see good things inside another human. These days I can’t find people who treat everyone equally practically. The person who could be an example of good lover can never get love because people don't think he's cool and wealthy or she’s humble, beautiful and courageous.

Who seek true love these days? Maybe, only someone like me, who's been never loved, who could be loved but always ignored and abandoned. Pessimism is truth to some people because the world we live in is Pessimism. But still I hope there's optimism somewhere beside pessimism. There are thousands of choices in the World. I believe I can spend my live in peace doing the things that I love to do against all odd.  Yes, I can live happily sharing with the beings I love for the rest of my life because Love is sharing, caring, understanding and helping each other’s. I believe that I can live without money but not without love. I feel lucky to have a family, relatives and few good friends that love me for whatever I am.

I just wanted so say that with the little experience I have had in life I know, human can't survive without LOVE. Because we humans are emotional being. Love is Life. Let love replace all our hate. You can never know lonely till it's chiselled in stone! Love like there is no tomorrow........ Sometimes there isn't. Always say I love you and hug each other often because the time will come when you can't.

I am reminded of the story, 'The Gift of the Magi,' written by William Sidney Porter in 1906, which states... “To love is nothing, to be loved is something but to love and to be loved by the one you love, that is EVERYTHING. Never take love for granted”.

I have always had love in my heart for each and every person I have ever met, this includes even someone that hate me,  don’t get me wrong I am not perfect, I get angry when people mistreated me but that does not mean I hate those people, I only hate the actions not the person. Jesus teaches us to love one another. The greatest love I have ever felt in my life for another human being is my sister Idowu, My love for her has never ever been as strong as it is today, it grows every day and with every kind word and every kind act, I'm so thankful to God for this beautiful God fearing woman. She introduced me to Jesus Christ our Lord and personal saviour and God has used her in many ways to help me. This is not even comparable to a fraction if the love I have for her. It’s an incredible selfless unconditional kind of love.

When I was living with my God’s parents, Pastor and Mrs Taylor, I notice this married couples had and still have a loving relationship with each other after 40 years of marriage. I always admire them and I thought when I grew up I would have the same kind of love with my husband, but apparently today people don't think that way about their relationships. Society has made it too easy for married couples to change their spouses as easily as they do their socks! Nowadays, it is a sad for the majority of some people entering into marriage. But there are still those few that are like a rare diamond find. They are there, you just have to look harder and be more patient in finding it! Their actions, and that endearing picture, say it all. More tender love and affection is needed all over the world. Too much emphasis is placed on materialistic things. Love is priceless......... don’t get it twisted.

I like to think of myself as a confident, go-getter type of young lady. But even for me, it was hard to have love in my life as much as I visualize it. That was just my experience! But for my present loved ones and my future daughters? There is NOTHING I would want more than for them to think more like Queen Esther in the bible. Her words, actions and selfless love brought about the difference between shame and freedom for her people. Expecting something is not love but understanding each other's happiness is real true love. Love is not a business where we are afraid of loss and happy to have profit. Here Losing Your Self to GIVE Happiness to your dear is greatest thing. In short you will be happy by making others happy, this is TRUE LOVE.  Love is a powerful word. 

Brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, even the neighbour. We are only on this earth once. We should all love one another. Even the ones that have done bad things to us or harm us, we don’t lower ourselves to their level of hatred. We hold our heads up high with dignity. 

AMS what is Love?? I can’t define it, I can’t explain it, and I dare you to do so: love isn’t something that can be encapsulated in words that can be understood or dissected or explained. Some people say it’s all about chemistry or law of attraction. Other says it’s all about pheromones. I don’t know about any of that—I’m a business student, moneys, trading, accounting were my world, and yet love is not a business where we are afraid of loss and happy to have profit. Here losing Your Self to GIVE Happiness to your precious one is the greatest thing. In short you will be happy by making others happy—TRUE LOVE. 

Who seek true love these days? Maybe, only someone like me, who's been loved intermittently, who could be loved always but ignored and abandoned. Pessimism is truth to some people because the world we live in is Pessimism. But still I hope there's optimism somewhere beside pessimism. There are thousands of choices in the World. I believe I can spend my live in peace doing the things that I love to do against all odd.  Yes, I can live happily sharing with the beings I love for the rest of my life because Love is sharing, caring, understanding and helping each other’s. I believe that I can live without money but not without love. I feel lucky to have a family, relatives and few good friends that love me for whatever I am.
Love in its true form is very sets no boundaries, it knows no limits, it comes easy without hard work ...when loving someone becomes a chore it’s not anything near Love. 1 Corinthians 13 verse 4- 8— Now that Word right there is what Love is and Should be and yes Love is Real as real as the very breath you take right now ..Love is alive.....He’s name is JESUS, The Christ.

At the age of 17 when I gave my life to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Jesus was my first introduction to real love, true love … and, believe it or not, what I’m about to tell you is the absolute truth: He is still, these many years later, still the love of my life.... He wrote my name inside His book called the book of Life; I gave Him the life he gave me, my pride, my sin in exchange for His glory, riches, blessing, power, wisdom, strength and honour. He loves me unconditionally. I’d been with many other guys before—I won’t lie—but there was something exceptional about our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, Something special, something unique, something, if I dare use the word, supernatural. I felt better when I am in his presence. I felt like I could do anything—scale any mountain, challenge any enemy, solve any problem. I want Him to always be my knight in the shining armour. I love YOU Jesus.

No person at all CAN love you like JESUS!

This isn't just for developing countries!!! Would you eat snacks or sweets made from sustainable insects???

In 2008, FAO urged people to learn to eat insects because insects are rich in protein, minerals and vitamins, and cholesterol in insects are also significantly less than beef and pork. It was predicted that the global population will top nine billion by 2050, putting enormous pressure on the environment, conventional food sources and farming techniques.
With the expansion of Earth's population growth, arable land areas are decreasing causing intensification and environmental degradation, meat prices are increasing because of the pressure to produce more food for sustainability. I foresee that the rate the population is growing insects may serve as a substitute to goat or cow meat and the main sources of human nutrition. Some people may be subjective about this solution to food scarcity but I am not. My reason is ……continue reading.
Plenty of people in non-Western countries already eat insects regularly. They are very efficient at converting vegetation into edible protein and full of vitamins and minerals. Four crickets provide as much calcium as a glass of milk, and dung beetles, by weight, contain more iron than beef. Farming insects generates one-tenth of the methane produced by farming traditional meat sources, and it uses comparatively little water, making the process better for the environment.

Speaking of eating insects, in addition to feeling unsafe, many people still feel nausea and terrible after eating insects. In fact, these are psychological problems, as long as we can overcome the psychological barriers.
Most foodstuffs we eat have a pre-determined allowable level of 'contamination' as it already is, food processing company just don't want to tell you that! Most people are probably unknowingly eating bugs already, the red food colouring cochineal is made from beetles.
When I was living in Nigeria I have eaten insects before especially the one called ESUSUN in Yoruba language and Termites in English and it taste good and very nourishing. However, I am forever grateful to chicken and cow! Now, I like insects when they're tiny and hiding in a corner or eating some bugs, but when you serve me a plate of 100 deep fried insects, then I'm going to feel sick. I've seen some nasty things on the Internet, but this makes me feel ill all together.

Eating insects doesn’t seem any different from the other relatively "icky" animal sources we use today - animal bones for gelatine, red colouring from insects, castoreum, etc. Most people don't want to know where those things come from. Farm the insects to make them as clean as possible, then do the deed. Starving people need the basics to start with. If this is how we get them clean, basic food cheaply, efficiently and it is also healthy for them, I'd be happy to help print batches. However, it's worth noting that plenty of people in developed countries suffer from hunger because they live at or near the poverty line, or have other issues that make it tough to put food on the table. This isn't just for developing countries. The kid down the street might desperately need a meal, too.
What do you think???

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

AMS: Word For The Month – July 2014: The Word of God is our Security

The word of God is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my part. I am delighted in the law of the Lord, and on his law I shall meditate day and night. The word of God is working in me; therefore, I confess and believe that I have the mind of Christ.  I function excellently today, through the power of the Holy Spirit who lives in me and guides me from within. I will not allow any vain imaginations, negative thoughts and emotions to influence me.  I take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.  I rebuke the spirit of heaviness and command it to depart from my presence.  I cancel any covenant, promise, pact, oath, agreement or contract I may have entered into knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly that was anything other than the covenant of Jesus Christ.  My mind is no longer held captive; I am free and happy in Christ Jesus. I am an Ambassador of Christ and have full rights and privileges to all promises in the Word of God that pertain to my assignments. 

I operate under the highest authority.  Far above principality, and power, and might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come! There’s development and progress in every area of my life because the Word of God is my total life- builder.   I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus; and not only do I have right standing with God; I have the ability to do what’s right and think right. I declare and degree that I am effective, victorious and exceptional in all things because I live in, and by the Word!  
I give all the Glory to God. Halleluyah!