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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Stress can takes a toll on the mind and the body!!! When was the last time you had ME TIME???

It may sound reasonable but having Me Time is one of the hardest things to fit into our schedule. We spend so much time worrying about everything BUT ourselves to the extent that many of us don’t know how to relax anymore. I know people have all sorts of expectations for themselves and the drive to meet those expectations can make it hard to take time off and reenergize. However, please don’t murder yourself because God has not created you to burn you out.

  Sometimes our occupation or work, school, friends, blogging, family or whatever it is we spend a lot of time doing, can stress us out and murder our sleep. I want to be able to say I sleep 8 hours a day but I would be lying. Now, before I go any further, sleeping is healthy. In fact, you need sleep to preserve your energy. But there is a difference between sleeping when you are tired and sleeping when you are lazy.

Sometimes Me Time can be found anywhere it just depends on what you want to do. I think it is important to have some space to be yourself, not just SISTER, DAUGHTER, GIRLFRIEND, BOYFRIEND, SON IN LAW, BROTHER, DADDY AND MUMMY.

You can always feel refreshed and ready to face the week after a soak in the bath or even stealing an hour reading a good book or listen to music. But if there is no chance for any real Me Time, just sit back on the sofa, pop your favourite movie on and snuggle. Nothing can beat being You and getting cuddles at the same time!

Sometimes we get so bored with life that we either want something new or go through a depression stage. Some amount of stress is good and may be productive but negative stress can lead to all sorts of psychological issues. Before this happens, I would like to say please give yourself a lots of ME TIME. Whether its one day or one week socialize with people and relax your brain. There is no minimum or maximum way to love you. Just make sure you allow time in your busy schedules to pamper yourself or simply relax.
I remember two years ago,  I did not have a job and I was really poorly, I was so stressed about all the bills and company tax I have to pay back and I just didn't know what to do or where the money was going to come from. I spoke to a close friend of mine working with CAP about my debt. He calculated my budget and came up with a payment plan and time frame which put me at ease a little. But one thing that stood out in our conversation was when he said " Alaba make sure you buy yourself something" I told him "no because I'd rather use any money I could gather from friends, family and selling some of my stuffs on eBay toward the bills so I can pay them off faster" He said "No, even if you buy something simple, buy it because you will start to RESENT yourself" and he was right.

Because I did not listen to my friend advice , I learnt how to take one step at a time in a hard way. Months later, I was deep in depression with sleepless night of thinking on how to pay everything off to the extent that I wasn't showing myself any love. One day, I went on rampage shopping and I definitely regret it. Not only did the end of the cycle start all over again but I ended up with a bunch of things I don't really want and my bills are still not paid off. So now the process is a little slower but I make sure I buy something for the house or at least takes the time out to hang out with a friend once a week.

J Purely delightful AlabaJ

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