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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

This isn't just for developing countries!!! Would you eat snacks or sweets made from sustainable insects???

In 2008, FAO urged people to learn to eat insects because insects are rich in protein, minerals and vitamins, and cholesterol in insects are also significantly less than beef and pork. It was predicted that the global population will top nine billion by 2050, putting enormous pressure on the environment, conventional food sources and farming techniques.
With the expansion of Earth's population growth, arable land areas are decreasing causing intensification and environmental degradation, meat prices are increasing because of the pressure to produce more food for sustainability. I foresee that the rate the population is growing insects may serve as a substitute to goat or cow meat and the main sources of human nutrition. Some people may be subjective about this solution to food scarcity but I am not. My reason is ……continue reading.
Plenty of people in non-Western countries already eat insects regularly. They are very efficient at converting vegetation into edible protein and full of vitamins and minerals. Four crickets provide as much calcium as a glass of milk, and dung beetles, by weight, contain more iron than beef. Farming insects generates one-tenth of the methane produced by farming traditional meat sources, and it uses comparatively little water, making the process better for the environment.

Speaking of eating insects, in addition to feeling unsafe, many people still feel nausea and terrible after eating insects. In fact, these are psychological problems, as long as we can overcome the psychological barriers.
Most foodstuffs we eat have a pre-determined allowable level of 'contamination' as it already is, food processing company just don't want to tell you that! Most people are probably unknowingly eating bugs already, the red food colouring cochineal is made from beetles.
When I was living in Nigeria I have eaten insects before especially the one called ESUSUN in Yoruba language and Termites in English and it taste good and very nourishing. However, I am forever grateful to chicken and cow! Now, I like insects when they're tiny and hiding in a corner or eating some bugs, but when you serve me a plate of 100 deep fried insects, then I'm going to feel sick. I've seen some nasty things on the Internet, but this makes me feel ill all together.

Eating insects doesn’t seem any different from the other relatively "icky" animal sources we use today - animal bones for gelatine, red colouring from insects, castoreum, etc. Most people don't want to know where those things come from. Farm the insects to make them as clean as possible, then do the deed. Starving people need the basics to start with. If this is how we get them clean, basic food cheaply, efficiently and it is also healthy for them, I'd be happy to help print batches. However, it's worth noting that plenty of people in developed countries suffer from hunger because they live at or near the poverty line, or have other issues that make it tough to put food on the table. This isn't just for developing countries. The kid down the street might desperately need a meal, too.
What do you think???

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  1. I just finished some Esunsun not quite long, and I must confess, it tastes really nice. My believe is that God has stupendously bless us in this part of the world Nigeria with so many things. Good to learn that termites 'Esunsun' gives protein. I will hunt for more of it when next the rains brings it out en masse. Thanks