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J.D.I.! It’s wiser, cheaper and better to start a business with £100 and lost than never to have tried at all

Hello guys,

How are you? It a new week and I know some of you are not really looking forward to resume to your daily job because your passion is somewhere else.  Anyway don’t worry help is here, but the first question is how much do you really want to start your own business, doing your own thing, working your own hours, in your own home without renting a shop? The good news is, there are thousands of small businesses out there that you can venture into with just £100 but don’t rush into any business, start little by little.

The secret here is that, you have to be a go getter and don’t compare yourself to some else. Because Sarah fail does not mean Liz will fail. Find something you love and feel good about doing, then figure out how to innovate that small business idea you have in your mind (that dream) and you will get paid for it. Use your existing equipment – Brain, wisdom, networking, mouth, character, computer, printer, paper, pen, hands, friends, books, Apps ….. etc.

My Personal Experience

I Alaba Mariam Saliu have always been a business person right from my primary school days in West Africa Nigeria, I could remember, when  I was just 9 year old, I started buying PASTRY from bakers, took it to school, sell it to my friends and earned myself some money.  I have to learn the skills of buying and selling right from a tender age because I came from a very poor family.

Anything mouth can eat, I buy and re-sell, these products includes, bread, scotch burnett, vegetable, fruit, snacks, eggs, groundnut, soft drinks but to mention a few. After I started secondary education, I was braiding hair and mixing replenishes hair cream and selling hair extensions to my customers.  After my secondary school days, I went to tertiary education (Polytechnic) still buying and selling stuffs ranging from Africa fabric, beads and shoes. The truth is I only started some of this business with small money, even some of the fabric I was selling then; I used to buy them from wholesaler with bargaining power.

In 2005, I was still a student studying at London Metropolitan University in the UK. I looked for part-time job, I couldn’t get any. Then, I decided to make use of my God giving gift because I can braid hair, I printed a business card and I started distributing it out to my University friends. To my surprise in a month I started earning like 500 pounds. I thought, even if I was to do a salesperson job in one of those British supermarkets they won’t pay me up to that in a month.

Please my friends; I don’t want you to be scared because nowadays first-time entrepreneurs find it easier to start a business from home. Start on a part-time basis and develop the business into a full-time homemade success. Having a business at home is tax deductible.

SMMEs (Small Medium and Micro Enterprises) contribute around 40% of United Kingdom's gross domestic product, and employ more than half of the private sector workforce. It is estimated that as much as 80% of new jobs in world economies are being created by SMMEs, making small business a key player in the future growth of United Kingdom.

The idea of starting a home-based business is becoming more of a trend in United Kingdom. People want to be at home with their families rather than waste precious time in traffic and at the office. The idea of being your own manager, being able to choose your own hours, being more flexible with family and friends and having control of your own financial life is becoming more and more attractive.

With the irregularity of future pension packages and retirement annuities and the general uncertainty of our future wealth, it is becoming more and more necessary to start creating one's own nest eggs for the future. I am sure nobody wants to continue working for any government at the age of 65 when they supposed to put their feet up on a couch and enjoy a cuppa.

Here are some of the business idea you can start with just £100

1.     Bake Pastry such as pie, cookies and donut, talk to people in your local community, in your church, coffee shops and offices, sell yourself with word of mouth  and let them have a taste of what you can do best. Make sure you are neat and clean. Let your packaging come from sustainable source.


2.     Are you very creative (makeup artist, painting, pottery, sketching or drawing, bead craft, cooking and braiding) and others keep telling you they wish they could also learn to be as good as you? Well, share this talent - start offering classes. You can teach one-on-one or small classes in your living room.


3.     If you already have a computer and a printer at home , design labels and advertising pamphlets, type students' projects, CVs, etc. With the correct programs you can design invitation and business cards.


4.     If you have a sewing machine and you are very creative, start with sewing alterations. Design and make clothes for people with affordable price everyone needs alterations this days, thank God for dieting.


5.     Make sandwiches, muffins or cook jolloff rice and fried rice, soup, etc. and sell to corporate offices during lunch and tea times. Get permission from businesses first before going to their offices. Branch out into making and selling assorted platters on order. Ask for 50% deposit to cover food costs- this is where wisdom is useful.


6.     Are you very good at taking pictures of people and already have a good camera your hand is not shaking, you can hire yourself out to take wedding pictures, 1st birthday parties, christening. Or photograph people at local clubs, restaurants, pubs, etc and charge. Don't forget to get permission from people first.


7.     Are you very good with science subject such as Mathematics, chemistry physics and biology? If you are offer to teach extra chemistry or maths and other subjects to high school learners and students. This can be done after hours, giving you free time during the day or directly after school.


8.     Are you very good with children? Looking after your own children and others after school could be a very good idea especially if you have very accommodative living room and a well organised homely home. You can get paid to pick children up after school and take care of them until their parents return home from work.


9.     You can start ironing service from home to home in your neighbourhood because a lot of people hate ironing, offer a service where you iron their clothes for them and get paid for doing.


10.    Party Entertainer – Utilise your love of children. Buy or get a costume made for you, such as a clown outfit, magician suite, etc., and entertain children at birthday parties, fundraisers or children's events. Make balloon characters, juggle, clown around and more. Rent yourself out to children's parties. Make flyers and hand out to schools, churches, crèches, etc.


11.    Second-hand Clothing – Do you have cloth that are new with tags kept in your luggage for years sell them on eBay, Asos, Facebook or advertise around your neighbourhood and through friends.


12.    Second hand book and magazines dealer – Do you love books, classic magazines and comics, and do you know people who are pack rats? Find second-hand, sought-after books in garage sales, second-hand shops; flea markets, neighbours, auctions, family and friends, etc. You can sell these books over the Internet or through flyers. From the money you have made on existing books and part of the profits, buy new stock to replenish your stock. Do this for two years I guarantee you are a coming out of wants.

13.   Computer Consultant – If you are a computer whiz kid, hire yourself out. Help small businesses with computer problems, repairs, and server problems, give advice on where to buy their equipment and what to buy, etc.

14.    Image Consultant – Image consulting is a fast-growing industry as more people are becoming more conscious about how they dress in public and for functions. Target student, worker and socialites.


15.   Pet walking – If you are a pet lover, look after pets while owners are on holiday or at work. Your clients will know that their pets get proper care and individual attention. They take their pets to your home where you look after them instead of the impersonal pet shelters and kennels/catteries. Walk dogs on the beach or around the area and get paid for it.


You can do it, just do it…….

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